We will help you to apply for a visa

We will send you a medical invitation from Switzerland and book the hotel for further visa application in your country.

What are the treatment steps?

Learn more about all treatment steps from application to return home.

Medicines from Switzerland

We deliver medicines directly from Switzerland to your country.

List of doctors available to us

Specialist in general internal medicine
Specialist in urology and spec. neuro-urology
Specialist in general internal medicine and cardiology
Specialist FMH for Skin and venereal diseases
Specialist for General Internal Medicine
Specialist in geriatric neurology at the Swiss Clinical Neuro Science
Specialist in urology and spec. neuro-urology
Specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics, member of FMH (Gynaecology)
Obstetrician-gynecologist, Breast surgery, laparoscopy
Orthopedic surgeon, member of the Swiss Society of Orthopedists
Cardiac surgeon. Doctor of Medical Sciences and Cardiology
Surgeon. Professor of the Higher Medical Faculty
Urologist. Doctor of Medical Sciences. Tumor Specialist.
plastic surgeon. Member of the Swiss Society of Surgery (SGC)
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